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About Operator Media

Operator Media is a 100% Chicago-based software development firm that provides the perfect blend of experience and skillsets to efficiently fill all the needs of a successful product build and launch. We understand that every business is different and that there can be technology challenges in the various phases of growth and development. Our solutions can help bring concepts to life, can take business to the next level, and can reinforce infrastructures that are competing with demand.

Our team of talent draws from extensive IT experience in the areas of infrastructure, back end solutions, custom API’s and beyond. We have expertise in leveraging the latest technologies to develop cutting-edge applications that dazzle aesthetically and functionally. Operator Media has a renowned creative team proficient in UI/UX, branding, product development and more. Our business and strategy team is capable of managing projects and facilitating the delivery of solutions that exceed expectations.

And if you’re starting a new business we understand that as well. Operator Media knows that, in businesses that are technology based, or are even simply heavily reliant on technology, it is important to have a competent technical cofounder. Operator Media has a wealth of experience in this area and possess the experience and skill to make your project extraordinary.


Our Services

Success is when great ideas meet great execution. This takes the skill of a great Operator.


Full stack architecture and implementation of enterprise applications for mobile and web, back end solutions, custom API’s and more.


Art direction, UI/UX, web design, print, branding, collateral, product design, and more. You name it, we can design it.


Interim, foundational, or consulting CTO services.


Project management, marketing, idea developement, and more.

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